Yet another Monday

And a tired one to πŸ™‚

This has been quite a busy weekend for me. It started out on Friday with me and some friends going to a concert. We saw PLAY! A Video Game Symphony. Which is a rather cool concept. A symphony orchestra playing tracks from well known computer games. Bot hold and new. I’d never think I’d ever cue in such a long cue to see that kind of concert.

But I guess computer games are what makes younger people aware that a symphony orchestra isn’t that bad.

Then on Saturday we had our last band practice before the Oslo Mesterskap on Sunday. And we had a little mini concert with Sagene skoles Musikkorps. And the rest of the evening I spent at home watching TV and relaxing.

On Sunday we meet up at Folkets Hus at 1300 and we were scheduled to play at 1420. But the whole event was a somewhat behind schedule so we had to wait for quite a while.

But we got in there, did our thing and wasn’t to unhappy with it. After hearing the other bands in our division we went to Justisen and had some food and started drinking. A few beers later we moved on to Politiker’n to save some money. Which saved us 5 NOK a beer πŸ˜‰

We spent the time there waiting for the prize ceremony to start, and we managed to get there just to late for the whole thing. But we didn’t win so I guess it didn’t matter to much.

We came second in our division with 86 points. Two points below the winners in our division ( 2. division ) and I think that we beat at least one band in 1. division if you look at the score.

We were hoping to get to above 90 points but I guess this wasn’t the year for it. It seems to me the judges were strict since as far as I’ve understood only two bands got a score above 90, and the just barely.

After the ceremony we went back to Politiker’n and sat there drinking until they closed, actually for some time after they closed. The girl working in the bar was cool and didn’t chuck us out, and me and a Aase ended up going to Mono and having a drink with her and some other people after Politikeren closed.

I caught the last train at six past one and I’ve suffered the consequences today. At Least earlier today, no I feel good.

But I better be off, back to band practice today, and it will be good to finally play something other than Concert Prelude and Variations for band.

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