About me

Name: Roar Myklebust
Senior Mobility Consultant
Born: 18. August 1978

I was borne and raised on the west coast of Norway, in the beautiful island community of Herøy. After finishing high school I served my compulsory service as a navy driver at the Royal Norwegian Navy supply base in Ramsund.

I then went to college of Østfold for my computer engineering and did my masters degree at the University of Wollongong,NSW, Australia

I really love Australia, the country, the people, everything.

I currently work at VMware an Senior Solution Engineer – Digital Workspaces.

When I’m not working a have a few hobbies, some voluntary and one not 🙂 I play the trombone in two bands, Sofienberg Musikkorps and Sørkedalen brass. And I started training Taekwon-do a few years ago. Other than that I do some photography, web design and try to keep fit. Work isn’t very physical demanding so a good workout from time to time is needed.

I also have a compulsory “hobby” as part of the Norwegian Civilan Defence forces. I am obliged by law to attend that’s why I’ll have to call it a somewhat forced hobby. Not that I complain, I like what we do and thinks it is an important contribution to society.

The Civilian Defence forces are designated to support the other emergency services such as the fire department, police and hospitals. And to do other work when life’s at risk.

I love traveling and the last few trips has been with Pink Caravan, a Swedish company that does trips all over the world.