Two nights in Ica

After two nights in Ica we are now almost ready to go on to Nazca where will go flying to see the Nazca lines.

Today some of us went  off-roading in the desert just around the corner from our camp. Quite a roller coaster ride, on the way we stopped a few times to do some sand boarding. Or rather sliding down the sand dunes on something that looks like snowboards. I know that some of the experienced snow borders wanted to do it standing but were not allowed to.

The plan was to do this yesterday but it was pushed up until today which was fine with me since yesterday I didn’t feel that well after our pink party the day before.

But in the afternoon we went to two wineries to have a look at the production of Pisco. Pisco is the Peruvian national liqueur. Its distilled wine.

The first place was a big industrial plant and the second a smaller traditional place.

Going on to Nazca next so keep on reading.

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  1. Kåre Mikalsen
    December 8, 2011

    Hallo Roar!
    Kunne gjerne bytta sko med deg no he he.Vi snakka om det i går eg og Papsen,men Mor Åse hadde stoppa oss.
    Skal studere sida di seinare,skal på konsert med Oslo Gospelkor no på Kulturhuset.
    Du får ha god tur vidare ! Koz deg

    MVH Kåre

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