Nazca lines

Today we are in Nazca where we arrived quite late last night. Once again our plans was changed by civil unrest along the way.

Not long after leaving our camp in Ica, Marco got a phone call that the road would be blocked. Instead of going back to the same camp we went to an oasis just outside Ica to wait it out. Once there we were greeted by a horde of people offering desert safaris and sand boarding.

After about two and a half hour we got a message that the roads was clear again and we could continue. As we drove along we saw traces of the unrest, lots of stones by the road and marks of burned tyres in the road. This time the protest was led by cotton farmers that was protesting against some trade regulations that makes it cheaper to import cotton from India.

After we passed the site of the demonstrations we soon caught up with a large convoy of trucks that had been halted by the demonstrations and the going was slow. We arrived in Nazca around right last night.

After a dinner at the camp where we are at, Marco arranged for a bonfire and some local Peruvian musicians. Sitting around the fire we were told the story of how the Incas used and are using the coco leaves and we tasted some coca tea and tried chewing some coca leaves. I guess there will be more if that when we start on the Inca trail in a few days.

This morning I’ve been flying to have a look at the famous Nazca lines, quite a spectacular view. Not everyone thought the same of the trip since many got air sick and used a lot of energy looking into a plastic bag.

We are now just relaxing in the shade by the pool and will soon go into town to a museum. This place feature traditional Indian mummies.

Or at least I thought we would visit a museum, but keep on reading and you’ll see that the Ica Chauchilla mummies are displayed a bit differently

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