Leaving Lima

We have had our two nights in Lima and are now speeding south again.

I thought Lima was great. Before we got there I heard a lot of talk about Lima not being anything to visit, but I really enjoyed my one day there. Its a big, busy city but still it feels relaxed in some way.

We stayed in Miraflores, just a few blocks from a nice little park and lots of restaurants and bars.

Yesterday some of us caught a public bus going into the centre of Lima. The bus took about fifteen minutes and the service was excellent. The bus service uses electronic tickets which we didn’t have, but people from the bus company was at every stop and was more than happy to help us out.

In down town Lima we did some shopping and had lunch. During our stay there was sort of a military tattoo in front of the presidents palace. I watched for a while since they had a bit different show than what you usually see at home. A bit more dance moves which was fun, but it lacked the precision that I would expect.

We were told that the old town wasn’t a place to be after dark and we caught the bus home around four.

At seven I went on a three hours night sightseeing around town.
Before the sightseeing I had some time and I had a look around the park. There was a little amphitheatre where people sat around and some people was dancing in the middle. At one time a tango came on and the only two people on the floor was an old couple. It was so much fun watching them dance.

The highlight on the sightseeing was a one hour stop at the water park, one of Limas most visited attractions with about 50 000 visitors each day. I’m glad I went at night since all the fountains was well lit and the main water feature was used for projecting a great light show.

Our last stop was at the Sheraton hotel where we got a quick bite and a coffee. I ended up on a table with there people from the US, a couple that worked in Peru as missionaries and his mother that was visiting from Texas.

Our next stop will be two nights in Ica 


  1. G.Myklebust
    December 6, 2011

    Hi. Following yuor travel vith great interest. Wish i was there.
    A little boring going home at the time, no weather for fishing or outdoor work.
    Today we have ice on our road, so that we can not use the car.

    All the best from all of us.

  2. Æse Karin Myklebust
    December 7, 2011

    Hei Roar!
    Det er spennende å følge med deg på nettet, ser ut som du har det fint og koser deg.Her er alt berre bra, irdnernå litt til jul og skal vere ferdig med alt julestyret til den 22, da kjeme lisje golljet og det gler vi oss til. Ellers er det berre bra med morfar også. Ha det bra. Klem fra mamma

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