Day 14 to 17 – Going home

All good things comes to and end, and this one got a rather long ending to it.

Four days ago we left Iceland for this time and started on the long trip home. I guess that’s how it goes when you choose to drive to Iceland. This trip has been special. The first members of the group left us back in Reykjavik, and in the coming days we’ll “loose” people along the way until we reach Stockholm.

Day 14 – Leaving Iceland

We got up today to another sunny day on Iceland, to bad this didn’t come a few days earlier. This is how things are and there is no use complaining. After having our last breakfast together we settled in to wait for the ferry. Today it seem to be two hours late so we got a bit more time to wander around that planned.

Seyðisfjörður isn’t a large place but there is plenty of opportunities to take a walk, a run or a bike ride. I went for a walk with some of the others and settled in the sun with my book to wait.

When we got our tickets last night there was some issues with the printing of boarding passes. We got our cabin keys but not the boarding pass it self. I’m not sure how that would be an issue, since the keys also contain the same bar code as the boarding pass. Still we had to wait until everyone else was boarded before we were let on.

Loading also took a very long time today and after what looked like ages we were finally on our way. I went up on the front of the boat to watch the scenery as we headed out the fjord. We also joked about perhaps we’ll see the whale we saw on our way in today as well.

I’m not sure if it was the same one, but on the way out we did get a glimpse of a whale back and then the whale fin as it dove beneath waves a few hundred meters in from of us. Guess that’s Icelands way of saying welcome and good bye.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing, having dinner and a few drinks while travelling toward the Faeroe Islands.

Day 15 – A day at sea.

This morning we stopped by on the Faeroe Islands, not that I noticed since I was fast asleep until we were heading toward the Shetland Islands. This time around we didn’t go around the northern end of Shetland but instead we passed through the Yell sound.

There isn’t a whole lot to do on board so I went to see a film and continued on my book. We did manage to get a few drinks during happy hour in the bar and then I went to bed. Might just as well get rested.

Day 16 – Going through Denmark to Sweden.

Last lunch I woke early today as well, the beds on the ship seem to wreck my back and I’ve woken up with back aches every morning when we have been at sea. A shower and a walk seem to get it right again so that’s what I set out to do.

After a great long breakfast in the Norröna buffet we got on with the waiting game. If you ever go on Smyril Lines M/S Norröna you should get your breakfast here. There are two place on the ship serving breakfast and while the other one is a bit cheaper the main one is far superior in quality, and in the selection of food.

When we came to Denmark we had made up most of the lost time. Instead of stopping in Hirtshals we pushed on across Denmark hoping to make a earlier ferry to Sweden. We made it in time, but unfortunately there was no room for the bus on the ferry. We ended up doing a bus lunch on the perking lot of a church before getting on the ferry and going on toward Gothenburg.

When we got to Gothenburg it was dark, for the first time since leaving Sweden 16 days ago. This is just as weird now as the first days on the Faeroe Islands when it didn’t get dark.

Half our our remaining group left us here in Gothenburg. The rest of us drove on for a few miles before setting up our last bus camp. This time we found on a decent rest area to park at. We didn’t bother erecting the roof tonight since we all could fin inside the bus, more or less.

Day 17 – The last leg

Today has been the last day of this wonderful trip. We lost a few more travellers on the way toward Stockholm, and we picked back up one who left us the day we left Iceland. She is part of the crew and were to travel back to the city with us, and with her came a great breakfast.

We stopped for lunch about an hour before Stockholm and then pushed on for the last bit.

We were a small group that said our good byes in Stockholm, and who knows if I ever will see any of them again. I suspect there will be a few more encounters as Pink Caravan people seem to do more that one trip the way I’ve been doing it.

I’m now at Arlanda air port waiting for my flight back home. It’s been a great trip.

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