Day 13 – last day on Iceland

My adventure on Iceland is coming to an end, and today is the last full day here before we head home.

This morning we had breakfast at eight in wonderful sunny conditions. This was by far the best morning we have had om this trip.

Todays drive was a short one, which made it possible to drive the back roads over the mountains to get to Seyðisfjörður where we’ll catch the ferry tomorrow. When we got here it was time for lunch and some time to relax in the sun before it was time to tidy the bus.

At the end of every trip we empty the bus to make sure everyone got all their  belongings and to clean out the dust and grime. Me and two of the others got the window cleaning duty this time.

Normally the cleaning is done the very last night before we all leave. This time is a bit special since about half of us will leave the bus in Göteborg while the rest of us still got another night on the bus and a few hours of driving to get to Stockholm.

After our cleanup we had dinner and some wandered of to a concert in the local church and some went for a beer before going to bed.

Tomorrow we’ll get on the ferry for our 48 hours boat ride back to Denmark.

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