The last of Iceland, looking to the future

Iceland this summer was a blast. And for the first time I travelled with a GoPro camera.
For a while now I’ve been considering buying one but couldn’t really make up my mind if that was something I needed in my life. So for this trip I borrowed one to see if it was something I would use while travelling.
I also brought my Sony A7 and my Nikon D7000 as a backup. It turned out I used my backup more than my primary, mostly because of the nice wide angle lens I got for my Nikon.

In the end I used the GoPro a lot as well, mostly mounted on the front of the bus. And I used my Samsung S7 for a lot of stuff.

All in all I guess a GoPro is going to join me on my next long trip. And the new GoPro Hero 5 got some nice new features to it as well.

My next big one will be back to South America in the end of January, for a seven weeks road trip from Rio to Santiago. And hopefully on to the Easter Island for a few days after that.

In the mean time enjoy eighteen minutes of the Faeroe Islands and Iceland.

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