Rygge Air Show 2009

That’s where I spent my Saturday πŸ˜€

This years air show was blessed with nice weather and I returned home tired, a bit sunburned and with 1600 images to look through on my camera. And this time around quite a few of them was actually quite good.

I’ve uploaded a few to a new gallery and will probably add some more after doing another look through all of them

This years show was not as good as the one two years ago I’m afraid. The speakers wasn’t always on the action and I lost at least a few good shots because when listening to the speakers the show by that crew apparently was over when there still where a few passes left. They also seemed to have problems with the speaker system which was annoying.

But even so we got to see some spectacular flying. And I have to say that even if the big teams like the Patrouille Suisse and Aerostars YAK Aerobatic Team was impressive I’ve sort of seen it before πŸ™‚

I was more impressed with the Norwegian Air Force tactical F-16 and chopper display. And there was some nice formation flying with De Havilland Vampire and two F-16. Showing the first jet fighter in the Norwegian Air Force and the current active fighters.
I’m hoping for a similar show in a few years where we’ll have the Vampire, F-16’s and the new F-35

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