My first proper chopper !

and first proper crash.

Today I got my first real chopper, the little zippy E-flite Blade mSR. This is a tiny chopper but still nice and stable. I got it to hover hands off, and that got to count for something 🙂

Motor problemerBut the fun has to end, and in my case it took me 3,5 batteries of flying time, less than 20 minutes before I somehow managed to trash the tail rotor motor.  I had expected to break the thing a few times the next weeks and months. But I was hoping to get it back home first. And I never imagined that I would trash the motor the first day.

So I guess that tomorrow I’ll have go get my first replacement part, and it seems to be one of the bigger parts since the motor and tail boom are one piece.  And then just hope I can keep it running a bit longer this time.

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