Day 12 – Riding Icelands south coast.

Today we left Reykjavik for the longest day of driving this trip. We are heading back east along the southern coast. We left the city in beautiful sunlight, but as they say here. If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. And iit seem to hold up even if you do like the weather.

After a very short stop at Seljalandsfoss waterfall we got into the heavy rain which we had most of the day.

Our lunch stop was at Skógafoss, where most didn’t bother getting soaked to see the waterfall. But I needed the walk so got in my rain gear and went for a look.

428 steps take you up to the viewpoint above the falls, and it doesn’t really matter if it rains, the view of the falls doesn’t change much. After ggetting back to the bus and having a quick lunch we continued.

The landscape in this part of the island is like none I’ve ever travelled before. Very flat, criss crossed with rivers and with the straight narrow road cutting through.

When we got to Jökulsárlón,  the glazier lake created by the Vatna Glazier the weather broke for a while. Great timing for us to admire the beautiful lake for a while.

Shortly after leaving the rain was back.

The rain seem to follow us until we got to the tunnel at Almannaskarð, where it suddenly stopped when we exited on the north eastern side. From there and to our campsite in Djupivogur we had great weather.

At Djupivogur we had dinner and the traditional Pink Caravan Pink party. A party where all wear pink and we have a good time. This one was a bit different from the once I’ve attended in the past, since warm clothing was required. Not like the once in Africa and South America. We all had a good time on what will be one of the last camps for this trip.

Tomorrow we’ll continue toward Seyðisfjörður where we’ll have our last camp before leaving Iceland.

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