Day 11 – A full day in Reykjavik

A full day in Reykjavik, or almost.

We were up at eight today to catch a bus that took us to the Blue Lagoon. We have already visited a few wonderful hot springs on Iceland so far, and my hopes for the Blue Lagoon wasn’t the highest.

It’s said to be expensive and touristy, which it was, but still worth the visit. The water is quite different here that in the other once we have been visiting, since this one got geothermic salt water mixed with some fresh water in it. The other two springs we have visited have all been freshwater.

The salt ads a bit of difference to it. But it’s still a touristy place and lack some of the charm of the other hot springs.

The one at Hveravellir is still my favourite.

We did a half day trio and was back in Reykjavik in time for lunch. And with the sun out we could finally throw of the coats and sit out in the sun enjoying a meal. After lunch I went to find some stuff for the party we’ll have tomorrow and visited the ionic Church.


Now it’s time for some dinner and then I guess some drink before going to bed. Tomorrow we will be on the road again.

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