Day 10 – Back to civilization

It’s day ten of this trip around Iceland and we are heading back toward civilization and Reykjavik. Not that there was plenty of good stuff still to admire while working our way south from our last stop in the mountains.

First stop of the day was the waterfall at Gullfoss, where we had a short break to admire the falls and have a snack for those who wanted that. We can really feel that we have left the mountains and the northern parts now and when the sun is out it’s very pleasant.

Our next stop for the day was Strokkur Geyser.

They geyser seem to blow about every five minutes, more or less spectacular. Well worth a stop and a walk around the area.

We had a longer break here to both fit in some watching and lunch.

The last stop before entering Reykjavik was historic Thingvellir, the place filled with the history of the Islandic nation. It’s also the place where Iceland is divided between the continental plates, creating a dramatic crack in the earth.

After walking the divide and taking in the sites we continued on to Reykjavik. Today’s been a very nice day weather wise and walking around in a town again was great. We had dinner, a few to many drinks and went home when the bars closed at one.

All together a very nice day, and tomorrow we’ll explore some more of the city.

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