Day 21 and 22. Relaxing in Maun

Two days in Botswana is coming to an end. Tomorrow morning we’ll head into Zimbabwe and Victoria falls.

Maun is the gateway to the Okavango Delta. From here we could do a number of trips ranging from safari and canoeing to scenic flights.

Yesterday we started the day with a proper cleaning of the buses. Our last proper clean up was in Swakopmund; and it felt good to get rid of all the sand we collected between here and there.

The rest of the day read spent reading and relaxing by the pool.

Just ten minutes walk from the Sedia hotel where we are staying is the Sports Bar, Maun. We read about that place in travel guides before coming here; but when asking for directions you find that distances in Africa and somewhat misleading.

We were told the bar was at least 3 km from the hotel. Yesterday in the afternoon some of us decided to take a walk down the road from the hotel and found it to be much closer.

We ended up eating there both yesterday and today. The food is excellent and the service is great.

Much better that at the hotel where you might have to wait a long time for everything.

This morning I and two others went on an hours helicopter flight over the delta. I was hoping to see it with a bit more water, but the rainy season has just started so there isn’t too much of that.

But we got to see a lot of animals, including a pair of lions, lots of elephants, giraffes and buffaloes.

Flying low across the delta is a great experience; and because the weather was grey this morning we caught the lions out in the open.  Our pilot told us that he would spot one lion on average, from the air,  in a month. I guess we had our luck with us today.

We were of course hoping to spot a leopard.  But with our pilot having seen only tree in the last six years the chance was slim at best.

Tomorrow is going to be a long drive, wakeup at five thirty and with a border crossing who knows when will be in Victoria Falls.

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