Day 9 – Traveling to Queen Elizabeth park, Lake Maburo

On the road again. Unfortunately we lost two of our fellow travelers as the had only signed up for the Gorilla Adventure. We said our good byes and headed out around eight.

First stop was Kabale where we stocked up on food and drinks as the coiming days will be spent more of the beaten tracks and bigger stores.

We are heading for Queen Elisabeth Park to do some safari.

Having our lunch on the side of the road is always interested in Africa. We try to find places without a lot of people around, however the jungle telegraph is fast and we ended up with a lot of people curiously watching.

Around three we got into the park and all were eagerly watching for wildlife. And we were extremely lucky. Nobody had very high hopes for this first few hours, but ny four we came across a pride og lions just relaxing in the shade of the road.

We also encountered a lot of elefants, some buffalos and various other animals.

We got to our campsite in Mweya around six in the afternoon and quickly ser up the roof. The last few days have been high in the mountains and we had a lot of condensation, making everything somewhat moist. Getting hear in the dryer heat quickly fixed that issue. And since there are no sign of rain tonight we hav just created a half roof. This means we will be looking at the start sky tonight.

While we fixed the roof today’s food crew were busy fixing our dinner, all ready shortly after dusk.

The food was amazing tonight, only hapered by having to eat on darkness. Any signs of ligh quickly rallied massive amount of annoying flies. This made me go to bed early, beeing on the roof in my mosquito net worked wonders on the flies.

After going to bed we heard the noise of Hippoes and just 30 meters in front of your bus we now have a few of them grazing.

Tomorrow we will get up early to do some more driving around the park, and then have a boat trip on the channel, should be great.

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