Day 7 – 8 Relaxing by Lake Bunyonyi

After six days of a lot of amazing experience it is time to have some time to just absorb it’s all and wind down.

We have two days by Lake Bunyonyi to do just that.

Day 7

We still had our breakfast at the bus this morning and then we had a guy that presented some activities that you could do in tha area. From hikes, to hiring a canoe for the day or do a boat trip around the islands in the lake.

I wanted to go into Kabale to see if I could get a local data sim card so I could get og the crap WiFi that you usually get on the camp sites. However the options I found to travel was way to expensive. Instead I was hanging around our camp site for a while.

At lunch time I joined Jonas and Angelica to go to Bird’s-nest. The first idea was to get a canoe and padle across, but the site had not enough that would hold all of us, so we decided to walk.

However Jonas had not give up on the idea of padellig, and as we passed another resort we asked if they had a canoe, and they did, sort of. Long story short we got a canoe and then decided to go to The Kansiime Backpackers. They are just across the bay from where we were.

Getting across the bay turned into quite an experience in it self, with our limited experience in traditional African wooden canoes I can’t say we made a straight line crossing, but we got there.

The backpacker didn’t seem to have any visitors at the time so we decided in order the same to keep it simple. So lunch today was crayfish masala with rice.

Shortly after we had ordered some more people from our group joined us. The food was great. We had made a deal with the guy we rented our canoe from that we would be back by three, so shortly after two we went back to padellig. Not sure it was the food or the beer, however we made it across much faster this time. Only doing a couple of “crazy Ivan’s” 🤣

Back on shore we decided to go to Bird’s-nest for a little “fika”, we ended up doing Irish coffee and a Gun Tonic and spending tree hours just relaxing.

Then we trudged back to our camp just in time for ordering dinner.

All in all it a great day.

We had our first proper rain of the trip that afternoon, and I’m happy that our roof is water proof.

Day 8 – Island hopping

For our last day here most of us decided to do a bait trip around the islands. After having breakfast at the bus we left around nine.

The weather looked like it might rain, but we managed a few hours on the lake in great weather. Back at our camp site I decided with many others to have our lunch there, a good choice as we had barely sat down befor we got some really heavy rain.

The rest of the day was spent inside to avoid the rain, reading in my book and getting ready for our next leg tomorrow.

A few of us had dinner at the hotel just across the road and then a shower and bedtime.

Tomorrow we will get up early and head toward Queen Elizabeth park.

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