Day 10 – Safari in Queen Elisabeth Park

Another early morning today, up at 5.30 and ready to leave the park just after 06.30

After clearing the gate most of us went up onto the roof and then creaping through the park. We did not have to go fare, less than a km from the gate we came upon two lions just resting by the side of the road.

We spent bout four hours driving around the park but there was not a whole lot to see. We saw the same elephants as yesterday when entering the park, some more Buffalos, a rabbit and som worthogs.

Queen Elizabeth park is a very dens park with a lot of tall shrubs, so it was not a huge surprise that we did not se animals like you would do in Masamara or the Ngorongoro crater.

However it was a great morning.

At 11 we boarded a boat and went cruising on the Kazinga Channel. The channel is home to a huge amount of Hippoes and Nile crocodiles. And on the shore flocks of water buffalos and elephants roamed. I’ve had the pleasur of seeing all these animals in the past, but not in such huge numbers. An amazing fee hour was spent on the water.

Back at the bus we drow back into the campsite from last night and had a quick lunch. It is time to start heading toward Kampala. This is about 450 km to drive so today we are driving 200 to Leopard Rest Camp where we will have a sleep an the on again tomorrow. The first and last part of the trip there was on horrible dirt roads, shaking the bus so hard that at one point the table and benches secured on the roof rattled loose and one bench fell of. Thankfully nobody was around, and we had exited the national park. After a quick restack of the tables and a resting of out straps we were off again.

We did stop a few times to make sure everything was secured, but in the end we made it to our next camp without further issues.

We arrived at the camp shortly after nightfall and were supprised by a very nice place. Hot shower and with a restaurant where we got a great three course meal.

Setting the roof in darkness is always a bit more cumbersome than in the daylight, but we got it up, and tonight as well we will be sleeping under the stars.

Tomorrow will be another early start to get to Kampala as early as possible.

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