Day 4 – One day in Torshavn 

Our first full day on the Faroe Islands is coming to an end. We are still in Torshavn and spent the day in and around town.

I guess there is a lot more to this place than we have been able to look at today, but I’ve had a wonderful day.

So far the Faroe Islands has treated us well. We have had a calm day, some rain showers and nice warm sunny weather.

Being born and raised on the vest coast of Norway I would expect it to be a lot windier and with more rain.

Fingers crossed it will continue like this.

This morning we had our first bus breakfast with me and two others helping to prepare, we are finally getting into the Pink Caravan way of thinking.

Most of us wandered of into town, and when the need for coffee became to strong we all seem to end up at the same place. Kaffihúsið on the docks.

Later I had the best fish burger I’ve ever tasted at small “hole in the wall” place next to city hall.

After doing some more exploring I went back to our camp site and relaxed there until we went back in for dinner.

This time we opted for the Irish place by the docks and got a nice meal, and a warming Irish coffee.

Now back on the roof of the bus I looking forward to what tomorrow brings when we’ll be on the move again.

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