Day 2 and 3, Denmark to the Faroe Islands 

Day 2

We are here, on the beautiful Faroe Islands. 

Yesterday we left Fredrikshavn and drove the short trip cross country to Hirtshals. 

Hirtshals is a small port city with ferries going to Norway, and to our destination. We had lunch in town and went to the ferry terminal. When we got there we found the ferry to be one and a half hours late. 

Instead of waiting it out we decide drive north to Skagen, the norther tip of Denmark. We just got half an hour to have a look before heading back south to the ferry. 

Back in Hirtshals we just had to wait a short while before boarding. This time we could watch from the ferry as the cars and trucks drove in. All but our bus, for some reason it refused to start, and in the end it was towed onto the ferry. At least we now have our luggage. 

Everyone on board we finally headed off. Having had rain earlier in the morning, and somewhat heavy winds during the night, the first after was a bit rough. The sun came out but the seas made a few in the group sea sick. 

Day 3

I woke early to a much calmer sea and nice sunshine. Had some breakfast and just relaxed on the upper deck, enjoying the view. At noon we passed the north end of Shetland, getting a little bit of rain and swell in the process. 

After lunch I took a short nap and woke to very calm seas and sun, which we kept until we docked here. 

The bus started and we got of the ferry in a proper manor. 

We are now camped just outside the  centre of Torshavn, where we’ll spend the day tomorrow. 

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