Day 5 – Exploring the Faroe Islands. 

Today was a very good dayday, exploring some more of the Faroe Islands.

We left our camp site at eight, heading for Vestmana. We drove the old scenic route across the mountains for some spectacular views.

In Vestmana we were to do a boat trip to have a look at the bird life and natural sea caves along this part of the coast. And then have lunch.

Unfortunately the company that arranged the boat trip had issues with people calling in sic so we had to change it around. We had lunch, then we went out on the boat.

The boat was much larger than I had anticipated, and I thought we wouldn’t be able to see any caves up close.

Luckily I was completely wrong. We got to see a lot of birdsbirds, and some spectacular caves dug out by the sea and large enough to fit even the larger boat we travelled on. I guess piloting these vessels for the first time would be nerve wrecking.

When we came back we drove on towards Saksun, a very nice drive on narrow winding roads to a place with a great view. We only got to see it from the top, but I guess going down to the sandbar for a look would be worth it as well.

After Saksun we headed to Klaksvik to have a look at the second largest town on the Faroe Islands, before heading to our final camp site at Æðuvík.

Here we had our first buss dinner and a bus Irish coffee before turning in.

Tomorrow we’ll go back to Torshavn, and then on to Iceland.

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