Nordic road trip – Turku

Well not so much a road trip as a work trip. But it’s still my first time ever in Finland. Got to count for something. Even if it’s only for today, and tomorrow.

This evening has been full of little surprises. I came to Turku just after four local time; did a little work from the hotel; before grabbing my camera to have a look at what Turku had to offer.

Not knowing the town or the sites I just ended up walking down by the river in a direction that lots of people seemed to go. Where they ended up I don’t know, but I’ve found some posters suggesting that there are a lot of concerts going on now and today it said Kent. So I guess that’s where the rest ended up. I just walked for a while and snapped a few shots. The weather today was grey, but the temperature was still decent. Should have been a great opportunity for some nice photos.

Unfortunately I’m still struggling to see clearly after having eye surgery last week. Getting rid of my glasses is great, but I’m still not all the way 20/20 vision. I miss a lot of details and really got to rely on my camera getting the focus right.

When my feet got sore enough it was about time for dinner which I had at Stefan´s Steakhouse. Great place with a steak that was cooked just right and melted in the mouth.  I had actually thought about eating at my hotel, but I’m glad I didn’t.

While waiting for the food I sat watching the people walking by on the docs and suddenly a  large salmon leaped in the river just of the shore. I know my eyesight isn’t perfect yet but  there is no way that could have been anything other than a large salmon. Great little surprise.

Walking back to the hotel it was getting darker and the city lights were turning on. One of the bridges I passed had some cool lighting and I decided to grab my camera and have another look around. The onw thing I kind of regret is that I didn’t bring my tripod, only had my gorilla grip.

Since I’m travelling light I couldn’t fit my ordenary tripod. Even if I could have gotten it into my pack I might have ended up loosing it in security. Sometime it is a dangerous weapon, at other times not so. Guess that’s airport security in a nutshell.

The Gorilla grip however seems to be safe to bring. And it works fine, except when I tried to fasten it for the first shot I lost a limb, and it fell into the river. Guess it’s about time to get a new one 🙂

But I still got a few shots of the bridge, some lit statues, a chimney with glowing numbers spelling out one of those “what’s the next number in line”

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 .. do you see the pattern ?

And last, but not least, a large dock crane with some fancy effect lighting. I actually photographed this one earlier as well, but it looks way better at night.

I’ll have to post some of the pictures as soon as I get home and can get them finished.

Now the day has come to and end, and perhaps I’ll be able to see more of Turku tomorrow after work and before I go on to Stockholm.

Should be nice to get back there again. Especially since my flight will land in Stockholm 15 minutes before if leaves Turku. Another riddle for you 😉



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