I’m going on a new adventure, travelling around Africa

It’s done, I’m going travelling again. I’ve got the green light and my trip is paid.

Image of two pink busses from my travels
Pink Caravan – on the side of the road

My next big trip will take me to wild Africa. Travelling from South Africa to Kenya with Pink Caravan.

I’ve not yet found out much about other people doing the trip, but I guess it will be something like the last time. Me and fifty Swedes in two pink buses.

The journey starts on the 6th of November when I fly to Stockholm to join the others there. We will be leaving from Arlanda on the 6th and I’m already exited when thinking about meeting the other people at the airport.

It’s a strange feeling to wander into the airport and start looking for some people you don’t know. How will they be? The Pink Caravan trips I’ve had so far has thrown me in with all kind of people, some you get to know very well, and others not so much.

When you travel like this you are bound to get to know people, nine mattresses for 18 people when sleeping sort of says is all 🙂

To bad it’s a while until November, but time flies and with a few smaller trips planed before the time will fly.

And perhaps I get to know some of my fellow travellers on the Pink Caravan facebook pages.

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