Back from Stockholm

The weekend is almost over and I’ve had a great time visiting Pink Caravan friends in Stockholm.
For me it was extra special side I didn’t really get to say goodbye properly when we flew home from South America. I had to rush ahead to catch my flight which left from a different terminal.

Saturday I spent the day walking around with my camera enjoying the nice weather. Hopefully I got a few good shots, better sit down and have a look.

In the afternoon we all meet up at Annikas place where we spent most if the evening, we eventually went out add well. But after just one drink it was closing time, some went out and some went home.

Today I had a few hours before my flight home so I went to Fotografiska Museum a photo gallery that at the moment shows images by Anton Corbijn and Aitor Ortiz. I especially love the series called Muros de luz.

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