Day 14 – Nile River Adventures

Today has been a day if exploring the Nile.

After breakfast at 8 me and four of the others headed up to Lake Viktoria to padle on the lake and then cross over into the Nile River. We started by crossing the lake and then making it toward the outlet that is the start og the Nile.

I’m the past the start of the Nile was marked by a small island, but when they built the dam further downstream that was flooded and now there is just a old house in the middle of the river.

It was a very cool feeling to be paddling on the flat lake and the feel the river pull as we entere the Nile. We then floated down the river for some time before heading back to shore and beeing brought home to the camp. All in all our trip lasted about three hours where two of them was spent padling and taking in the sights.

Back at our campsite I had lunch and then relaxing before we later in the afternoon tool a sunset cruise, aka Booze Cruise, on the river.

Being on the river is great and shortly after sunset we came back to camp.

Someone in the group had spotted a bar just outside the gate of the camp we are staying at, and most of us ended up there with the locals.

The place was small, had beer and gin and just a stomped earth floor. All that you need for a night out 😊

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