Day 15 – 16 last day by the Nile and heading home

The end of these trips never get to be easy. For the last two weeks we have been living close together and share an enormous amount of adventures.

So the last day is always somewhat bitter sweet.

Day 15 – Chilling at the Nile River Explorers

Last night was amazing, and some of us feel the results more than others. However for some reason there is always so much noise in the area between about four in the morning and five. We go the prayers from the mosque, load radios playing some kind of prayers and a lot of screaming and other noises. The about five it goes quiet again. First time I noticed was back in Kampala, but didn’t think much about it since it is a big city. But even here at the camp site with just a smaller settlement it goes on.

Most of the day was spent relaxing in the camp, I found a good spot for my hammock in a tree and spent a good amount of time there with my book.  I also managed to get most of my packing done. Even in the small space we have on the bus it is amazing how you are able to stuff things into your little bin, a daypack or other places. So getting what you need to have in your checked in luggage separated from your carryone takes some time.

In the evening we had our last dinner together at the camp. Jonas and Angelica had ordered up a great South African style barbecue meal. An excellent end to our adventure. And to top it of someone came up with the idea of making it a fun hat party. The best hat went to Ann, who then got the traditional Rosabussarna giftcard.

At the end of every trip with Rosabussarna there are one or several giftcards handed out, either by a raffle, or in this case a little competition.

After dinner I felt spent and went to bed. For the first time in a while all the mattress om the roof was bone dry. We have had a lot of damp mattress this trip, mostly du to the extreme humidity during the afternoon and nights. Even with our roof just half way done we often had water drops forming under the tarp. And I’m the mornings we might have pools on to top, despite no rain during the night.

However this last night it was nice and dry. A great end to the trip.

Day 16 – Leaving the bus behind to go home

So we are here, the last breakfast together, and one more time on the roof to pack it all down.

We were not many on the roof tonight, and as the food team started preparing breakfast we started tearing town the roof. Today we also took of all the mattress covers to be cleaned and changed for the next group that will joine the bus in a few days in Nairobi.

We will be leaving the bus today and there is s bus booked to pick us up at nine for the drive to Entebbe and the airport there. Jonas and Angelica along with two that are joining the next trip will then take the bus on the two days drive to Nairobi. Let’s hope the group they get there is as good as the one we have had. It has been great all around.

After breakfast we were picked up in time, however in usual African style we got a extra “safari” in Jinja before heading toward Kampala. The plan is to have a stop there for a few hours to get some proper lunch before heading toward the airport.

On the way we got pulled over twice by the police, unknown for what reason. Buy the driver seem to “fix” it quickly. Usually when we have passed those checkpoints we were just waved on, I guess things are different for the locals.

In Kampala we split up and went to different restaurants to make sure we could get food in two hours. The group I went with managed to be ready with 20 minutes to spare. Not bad.

The last drive to the airport was not bad at all and we made good time.

The airport it self was a interesting affair. First we had to get of the bus even before entering to go through a security screening. With no luggage it was basically just taking of watches and phones and pass the metal detector. Then we got to the dropoff which was further away than “normal” having us go down a ramp and up another. Then we had to queue to show our Covid certificates. Two of us did not have them on and was sent to do a PCR test.

After the test we got another checkpoint, this time all bags and loose items were scanned. Both carryone and bags to be checked. However no need to take out electronics from the hand luggage.

The off to check in our bags, which went rather quick.

After the checking we got to our final security check. This time I had to remove my laptop, but all the other stuff like cameras and batteries went straight through. Oh, and I had to send my flipflops through the scanner. Lots of possibilities to smugle in the 4mm sole 😋

We still had some time before our flight so I managed to spend my last Uganda Shillings before we boarded our flight. I event think we were on time. It is amazing how fast you adapt to African time, hopefully the transition back will be smooth to.

Flying from Entebbe to Addis Ababa was uneventful and nice. I do like flying Ethiopian airlines. Service is good and the food served is nice. Now we just have some time to wait at Addis Ababa International airport, not the worst, but certainly not the best place to spend some time.

Like the last time here when we travelled south we had to go through security after getting off our last flight, and just like last time you could probably bring almost anything through here. It seem the most important thing is to get your shoes scanned. Again my 4mm slippers went through with flying colours.

Hopefully our flight will be on time and I’ll get some shuteye on the tript north. All of my fellow traveler will get of in Stockholm and I’ll stay on for the final leg back to Oslo. Not looking forward to the cold and dark.

Day 17 – Goodbyes

So it ends. The rest in of the people I traveled with has just left the plane and I’m on the last leg back to Oslo.

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