Ica Chauchilla mummies

This afternoon we went on a guided tour to an old Indian grave site just outside Nazca, and this was one of the most interesting tours so far. The site has been robbed in the 1930s but archaeologists has done some excavations and you are able to see some of the over thousand years old mummies sitting there staring to the east.

The mummies still got clothes on and you are able to see hair still on their head. All due to the fact that Nazca is one of the driest places in the world.

If you ever go to Nazca you should go with a guide to this site, it’s quite different from any other places where you might see mummies.

Our next destination will be Cusco, but first we’ll have to ascend from 600 m. s. l. to about 4300  m. s. l. and then down a bit again. A two days bus trip.

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