Magnetic Island, Walking day

Today have been my walking day.
I started out by taking the bus to Arcadia, from there I did a 5 km walk to Nelly bay, on the way I meet this little bugger 🙂

Koala in a gum tree

From Nelly Bay I walked back to Arcadia and there I got on the bus back toward Horseshoe Bay. But I went of before above the bay to walk up to the forts above the bay.

The walk to the fort is 2 km each way but it is an easy walk, and you get a great view from the top of the structures.

The fort was built to guard the entrance to the harbor during the second world war.

Guess that’s it for today, I’m sorry that my page hasn’t been updated in a few days but the Internet connection here is terrible so I’ve had problems getting on line.

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