Last day @ Maggies

Today was the last day on Magnetic Island. I started out by going to Picknic Bay, renting a bike and biking out to WestPoint. This is the western most point of the island and have a nice quiet beach. They say it’s good fishing there to but I didn’t try.

Then after I got back to Horseshoe Bay I rented a jet ski for 15 minutes. That was great fun, except you swallow a lot of sea water when you can’t stop smiling.

Then I had a better dinner at the bistro next to the hostel, It looks a bit expensive with dishes between 15 – 25 $ but you get a lot of food, I couldn’t finish my meal.

The new bar at Maggies opened tonight also, but for some reason I was knocked out and decided to go to bed early.

Guess that’s it for today, And tomorrow I travel south to Airlie Beach

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