Magnetic Island, Staying at Maggies

Today has been a very nice day, I slept until I woke up and then I’ve just been relaxing.

I started out the day by walking to Balding Bay.
Balding Bay
This nice beach is only accessible by sea, or a walk over the mountain. The distance from here to the beach is about a 1.6 km nice walk. But I wanted to see more so I didn’t stay there for the day. I walked a little further to Radical Bay.

There is a road leading to that beach but it seems to be a 4WD only access.

there I spent a few hours in the sun and swimming until I walked home.

Then I explored the beach right in front of our hostel here. It’s long and nice to but have more people on it.

And before going back for a shower and a rest I got the sunset.


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