Travelling from Cairns to Magnetic Island

Time to leave.
Today I left Cairns starting my travelling south. I left Cairns on the 0930 bus to Brisbane and stopped in Townsville after a 6 hour bus ride.

The ride was quite nice, better than I had thought beforehand at least. That makes it a bit more pleasant to think about the 10 hour night ride I got later this week.

In Townsville I took the ferry out to Magnetic Island. Then it was a short bus trip over to the other side of the island where I’m staying at Maggies Beach House.
Little Maggi
It seems good so fare, haven’t meet my room mates yet, but by the look of it it’s at least two girls, and the probably a bloke. And two free bunks.

The hostel is the newest on the island and seems clean, even if the rooms seems a bit cold. But on the good side, I got a room with a balcony this time to 🙂

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