Heading for Lima

We are on the road again and we’ll have another long day on the bus. From Huanchaco to Lima is about 550 km and with lunch and dinner on the bus we’ll arrive some time tonight.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the road conditions in South America so far. Most roads are well built and maintained which makes the long days a whole lot more pleasant that it could have been.

Yesterday we had the whole day in Hunchaco and I went with most of the others to Chan Chan.

Chan Chan is the ruins of an old Indian town pre dating the Incas and with no Inca architecture. The city is made of clay so most of it has been eroded away. The compound we visited is almost completely excavated add some of it restored. It must have been quite a busy place in its days.

Other than Chan Chan there wasn’t to much to do. Huanchaco is a surf town but non of us went surfing this time. A bit to cold I guess.

Got to was some clothes, relax and have some more excellent food.

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