Day 6 – last day on the Faroe Islands

After the sunny afternoon last night, we woke up to another gray morning.

I had a quite rude awakening, since I  turned around and heard a swish and then a thud as my phone flew of the bed and down to the ground. Luckily it survived the fall from the bus roof with just a few scratches.

After we all got up we went out to do another bit of exploring. Then heading back to Torshavn and on to the ferry toward Iceland.

We visited Elduvik and Gjogv.  With the sun back out we had wonderful rest of the day.

We had lunch in the shadow of Sl√¶ttaratindur, the highest mountain on the islands. One group went to the top while lunch was made, and the rest was chilling by the bus.

After lunch we headed back toward Torshavn, had a while there before heading on to the ferry toward Iceland.

Tomorrow we’ll start exploring our main destination, should be nice.

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