Day 7 – First day on Iceland

We have finally arrived and are on our first day on Iceland.
The day started early as we woke up on the ferry. The crossing was uneventful and now we just needed some breakfast before we went ashore.
And Iceland truly put on a great welcoming. While still sitting in the cafeteria we were told a whale was spotted in the fjord, and a few minutes later we could see a magnificent humpback whale doing rolls just meters from the side of our ship.
We drove of northwards to Borgarfjordur where we spent some time watching the puffins populating a small islet there. Lovely birds and it’s impressive seeing how they fly and dive directly into their underground nests.
Our next stop was Egilsstadir where we had a break and some lunch.
After lunch we pushed on toward Husavik only interrupted by a few photo stops on the way.
The Icelandic landscape is so much more diverse than I thought it would be. Our plan was to go to Husavik, spend a night and then some of us were to go on a whale safari.
During our lunch stop we got a call from the company we were booked at, asking if we would do it today rather than tomorrow. The reasons being the bad weather forecast for Friday.
We went on to doing the safari tonight.
Which means we got almost perfect  condition for spotting whales.
We got to see a bunch of dolphins and at least five different humpback whales. They were not as playful as the one seen in the morning, but still an impressive site.
Back on shore we went to the pub Minibar where we had some beer and drinks until they closed at one.
A great start to our trip across Iceland.

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