Day 11 – Heading to Kampala

Today we are doing the last 250 something km to Kampala. We had breakfast at seven, with a plan to be on the road around seven thirty.

Just as I got my breakfast it started raining, leading to a mad dash to get in the roof and get all the mattress packed away. Lots of hands makes easy work and we managed before it got to bad.

After eating we packed up the rest and were on our way, the morning started out chilly with some rain, but it cleared up and the heat came back.

On the way we cross the equator going south to north and we stopped there to have our lunch.

After lunch we pushed on to Kampala where we are staying two nights at the Red Chilli Hideaway.

Tonight we had our pink party for the trip and the roofing team had our roofing team party. Usually at one point during these trips the roofing team is rewarded with something little ekstra.

Everyone traveling with Rosabussarna is either in the roofing team, or one of the food teams. The roofing team is responsible for erecting the roof structure we sleep under and usually it is the same people for the whole trip. For this tript it has been relatively relaxed as we have short drives and long stays, however you still habe to get the roof up and down every time we move and sometimes in the dark.

The food teams are responsible for creating the common meals we have. Each team the has to prepare all the meals for the day. When we are parked somewhere it is usually just breakfast and everyone goes somewhere for lunch and dinner. For the days where we are driving they team also has the responsibility to prepare lunch and dinner.

Today we also had our pink party, where everyone is encouraged to dress up in something pink and we eat and drink well.

Last night was somewhat chaotic as this is Africa and the kitchen was not ready for all of us. Usually we try to go eat in smaller groups as it works out much better.

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