Day 9 – Iceland highlands.

I We are on the move again, but not until after spending a few hours in Akureyri. Today was a short drive first on nice roads and then on a small gravel road until we stopped at Hveravellir.

This camp site is far up in the Islandic Highlands with a great view of the surrounding glaziers and some nice hot springs.

We have also been very lucky with the weather today, the sun has been out most of the time. At least until I crawled on to the roof and in bed. Our dinner was also somewhat spoiled as clouds rolled in and the wind picked up.

For some reason it lasted only the time it took to prepare and eat dinner.

After dinner some of us went for a relaxing time in the pool feed by hot water from the hot springs and fresh cool mountain water. Such a treat and a perfect way to end the day.

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