Heading for Paraguay

Our time in Argentina is coming to an end, we are now sitting on the boarder to Paraguay, having gotten our passports stamped on the Argentinian side we now have a two hours wait for the ferry to take it’s across the river to Paraguay.

The last two days had been spent driving from Salta to the boarder, a 1120 km drive in the heat.

Coming to Argentina had been such a change from the other countries we have visited, in many ways.

Driving from Potosi before Christmas we did our first boarder crossing without Marco, which except for the long wait in queue on both sides of the boarder worked like a charm. We drove on for a few hours in the dark and set up our first bush camp in Argentina. We got a but if rain during the night, and still being up high it was a bit chilly. The next day however we descended quickly and the weather became hotter and more humid.

Other changes are also obvious, the retain is lush and covered in threes and grass. Buildings are completed and look more finished. And when you look around people here are more individual. Looking at people in Peru and Bolivia most tend to look similar and dress similar. Argentina is much more like home, and the first afternoon in Salta some of us ended up sitting in a restaurant, eating good, drinking good and watching people go by on the street. And for me this was pretty much the thing I did in Salta.

We stayed at a large camp site in Salta, with Argentina largest pool. But the disappointment was great when we rolled into the site only to discover the pool empty. They started filing the pool on the last afternoon, but it wouldn’t be full in less than three days. So no relaxing in the pool for us.

On New Years Eve we had a barbecue and a part and greeted the new year in the middle of the dry pool.

On our third day in Salta some went horseback riding and rafting, but I spent the day just relaxing in town.

In a few hours we’ll be in Asunción, Paraguay and we’ll see what that place had to offer.


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