Salta – Argentina

We are now getting closer to the end of the year and have finally arrived in Argentina. Or rather this is the second whole day in the country. We arrived in Argentina two days ago after having spent several hours at the border queuing. First we had to wait in line at the Bolivian side to get our passports stamped. Then we were supposed to walk over the border and then get out passports stamped on the Argentinian side. That was plan A, but we soon got the message to go to our bus and ride that one over.

At the Argentinian side we had to line up again, in alphabetical order for some reason. At least we didn’t have to do a lot of paperwork here. When we finally came to the counter it was just a matter of getting a stamp and we were in. Or so we thought. We just had to grab our backpacks and then go to have them  “searched” which in my case meant that the officer stuck his had into it and said ok.

After the boarder we drove for about an hour before we set up our bush camp. It was a bit chilly that night but we survived. I guess from now on it’s going to be the other way around.

Yesterday we got to Salta where we are spending a few days, we are staying at a public camp site with Argentines largest pool, unfortunately it’s empty. Big disappointment to everyone since the weather here is nice and warm.

I guess it’ll be filled just as we are leaving on the third.

Read a bit more about my thoughts of Argentina as we ride toward the border of Paraguay.

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  1. Åse Karin Myklebust
    December 31, 2011

    Hei1 så koselig å høre fra deg, her er nyttårs ribbene kommet på damping, så det blir nok god mat idag også. Morfar skal vere her oppe med oss i kveld og det blir nå koselig,
    God nyttår Roar, og håper at du får en fin kveld og koser deg.
    skal hilsa så masse fra pappa.
    Klem fra mamma

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