A day in Asunción

When we arrived we still had a few hours left in the day and we went onto town and had a good meal. Here we tried our first buffet restaurant where you get food by the kilo and pay in the door when you leave. It was great not having to wait for the food and to be able to pay. And the food was great.

The next day we had the whole day in  Asunción, so what do you do ?

Well the Trisse bus had to do a full clean out of the bus since it seems some bags had “exploded” in there. And I, Andreas, Johan and Mari didn’t feel like doing much. I guess we all needed a little break from being tourists.

We went to a mall, had some food, did some bowling and the others went and saw a film. I went shopping for some new shorts and we ended up at a small restaurant serving slow food. Great little place with excellent food.

Soon we’ll be of toward Brazil and the Iguaço falls

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