Happy new year !

Finally the category name matches 🙂

Last night we went to Darling harbour for the fireworks at 9. It’s great when you are that close to the action, even if you don’t see the stuff going on further out in the harbour.

After that we went up into town and had a few drinks before we joined the crowd surging towards The Rocks.

We didn’t get a great view of the main fireworks at first, but we got to see it light of from the bridge, and then we moved up until we were standing under the bridge, then we got a good view out toward the harbour and to the fireworks fired from the buildings in town.

After the fireworks we followed the crown in toward city central and found our self a pub on the way. It’s the first time I’ve been told to go outside if you want to drink, so we ended up back in the streets with a beer in our hands.

Later we found another pub, which was strangely abandoned at first.

Today I’ve been doing almost nothing, got a little bit sunburned yesterday so decided it would be wise to stay out of the sun for a few hours. So I’ve just been around relaxing in the shade with my book.

Tomorrow I’m thinking about going to Wollongong, but we’ll see.

Short update from Wollongong

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