Short update

Just a few quick words here.

As I planed I spent a few hours in Wollongong yesterday, walking the beach mostly, it’s a long time since the last time, and it was a longer walk than I remember 🙂

Then I spent the afternoon on the roof at the hostel, I was thinking about joining the people going out but I couldn’t be bothered.

Today I’ve been looking around in town for some more clothes since most the stuff I brought with me has begun to become worn.

Going to Angelas place tonight and we’re going to have a BBQ and a spa, sounds like it’s going be a nice evening 🙂

Tomorrow I might go to the beach again, have to see how the wetter will be, it’s said that we’ll have some showers tomorrow, and the might be cause it’s starting to get a bit cloudy here today.

But a bit of rain now wouldn’t kill anyone.

It’s raining ..

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