New years day


It’s almost that time, the cities parks are crowded with people and the party has been under way for half a day already.

The last two days have been pretty uneventful, I’ve needed the time to adjust to the heat and the sun, but now I feel that things are getting there.

The first night here I had some problems sleeping because of the heat,the second night I slept a bit better, but got woken by a really local “earthquake”, well at least my bunk bed was shaking 😉

Last night I was thinking about going out but ended up sitting on the roof until we got thrown inn, and then in the reception area until I felt like sleeping.
I’ve also booked my trip to Alice Springs, and are travelling there on the 9th and will be back in Sydney on the 15th. I’m going to do this tour. I 5 days trip including Uluru, Watarrka (Kings Canyon) and some other places, I’ll probably get back to that when I return from the trip 🙂

Other than that I’m having a BBQ at Angela’s place on Thursday and I’m trying to figure out when to go to Canberra to meet Susan and to Bathurst to meet Melissa. Hmm thinking of it I should have been to Wollongong to.
But enough for today. We’re going to Darling harbour soon so I better get ready.

Happy new year !

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