Iguaço falls – Our first stop in Brazil

After a few days in Foz de Iguaçu we are now on the road again. Travelling what will be another full day in the bus and a bush camp before we arrive in Parati tomorrow.

The last few days had been blessed with hot sunny weather, above 40°C in the daytime and with temperatures around 30°C at night. Which for me meant sleeping on a sun bed by the pool with just my sheet and mosquito net. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep like that for the rest of the nights on the bus.

It tend to be cramped on the roof with nine mattresses and eighteen people.

The first day some went to see the falls from the Brazilian side. I went into town to have a look around, later we tried going to the falls but were stuck to long in the bird centre that is located just outside the national park. But it was worth it.

The main attraction in Foz de Iguaçu is the falls, so one day was spent going from out camp and back into Argentina since most of the falls are located on the Argentinian side if the boarder.

We left by bus in the morning and our guide took care of all the paperwork getting back into Argentina and we went in to the national park. There we had a few options to choose from, a few walks on top of the falls and a boat ride.

Most of us did the boat ride. That trip started out with a eight km guided drive through the jungle and then we got into the powerboats.

Travelling up river with the pilot playing around in the rapids was great fun and then we got proper drenched in the falls before heading back to dry land. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking the trails and looking at the different falls.

Back at the camp we spent the afternoon at the pool.

On our last day we planned to go to a big water park that we saw on the first day, but when we got there we found it to be closed on Mondays for cleaning. I ended up going into town for lunch and to get some supplies for today.

Back at the camp the pool beaconed do that’s where we ended up. Getting our first glimpse of what Rio might hold, fake boobs and all.

Read on about our final days in the bus.

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