Day 51 – 52 two days in Masai Mara

Day 51 Getting there 

The first day of our safari into Masai Mara started with a long and partly bumpy ride. Especially the last bit where the “road” was so bad that the driver elected to drive beside it.

We got to the camp around two after almost six hours on the road.

After lunch we went into the park for a short afternoon safari. We got a good start, with a bit of overcast, the animals were quite active. Zebras and young giraffes were chasing around. We also came across a elephant herd with some very young individuals.

Day 52 full day safari

Today we got up for breakfast at six left about thirty minutes later. Our first stop was a Masai village where we got showed around and talked about Masai culture and tradition. It ended at the souvenir market as usual. After that we went into the park.
Today started a bit slower, the sun was out and that seem to slow things down.

After a while we got some actions when we came upon two lionesses stalking worth hogs. This time the worth hogs got away.

Most of the day for our part was spent hunting for the last of the big five, the leopard.

And we found one, but to get away to get a good picture, but it was there resting in a big tree. Unfortunately some cars were stuck up ahead so we didn’t get any closer before it left.

We had lunch in the park, and the rangers the took us hiking along the river to look at the hippos and crocodiles.

I got my best crocodile photo from Africa there, but it’s not as impressive as the one I’ve seen before in Australia.

On our way back we got the lion “jackpot”. There was a bit of cloud and we got real close to a lioness with five cubs.  As we were preparing to leave the lioness got scent of something and walked off.  We followed,  found more lions and saw another chasing of worth hogs.

When we came back to camp we learned that one of the other cars got a much closer look at another leopard. This one in a three just off the road.

Hopefully we’ll see another one when we go flying the balloon tomorrow.

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