Day 53 balloon flight over Masai Mara

Happy New Year!
The last day of the year started early this year.  Up at four in the morning and of at four thirty.

We had an hours drive to get to the balloon lift spor, and on the way one of the cars got a flat tyre.  We arrived fifteen minutes later than planned, but still in time to get the sunrise from our balloon.

We did a one hour flight, gliding over the grasslands of Masai Mara. We didn’t get to see a lot of animals, but the viewpoint is just spectacular.

After an hour our pilot touched down onto the trailer bringing the balloon back.

Trucks picked us up and drove to a spot where breakfast tables were set. And what a spectacular breakfast.  White tablecloth, champagne and a spectacular view. The food was also great with omelets, eggs, pan cakes, sausages, fried potatoes and fresh fruit.

After breakfast we drove through the park on our way back out. We met some cars that had seen a cheetah, but it was gone before we could get there.

Back at our camp we had lunch before starting on the 75 km of “road”  toward Nairobi.  This first bit is more like a series of interconnected potholes than a road. Not the best condition for man or machine.

It seems little of no effort is given to this by the Kenyan authorities. Little or none of the revenues gained by tourism seem to filter back to the region.

Better go here before it’s completely destroyed.

Back in Nairobi we got time for a quick shower and change of clothes before or New Years barbecue.

We got live music and champagne at midnight but then the party died quickly. Not strange when most of us has been up for 21 hours.

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