Day 50 one day in Nairobi

My first day in Nairobi is coming to an end. A day filled with the good things in life.

No set time to get up today, and the cooler nights here makes it easy to get a long good nights sleep.

After waking up I had a good breakfast and we went out ATM hunting. I didn’t change any money at the border yesterday.

The closest one was only a short walk down the road and afterwards we decided to walk to Junction. Junction is a mall about a kilometre from here add the crow flies, and about two km on foot.

We needed to get some water and snack for the two and a half day that lies ahead.

We got back to the camp just as the organiser of the balloon flight we’ll do in Masai Mara showed up. He gave us a few tips on where to go in town.

Shortly thereafter eight of us were in two taxies heading for Talisman.

Talisman is a restaurant on the south eastern site of town, about twenty minutes away by car.  Getting there costed us a whopping 1000 tszh or about 11 USD.

Three I had one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Amazing food, and good service.  Everyone got their food at the same time and within fourty minutes of ordering.  Definitely the fastest we got served this trip.

In the afternoon we went back to Junction, had a look at the rest of the place and went to the movies. It’s nice top do something not do touristy for a change.

I watched The Hobbit 2 with eight others, well worth the money 🙂

Then it was time to go back, pack a few things for the safari and get my images backed up.

Tomorrow well have breakfast at six thirty and the head of to see if we can’t find a leopard.  The missing piece of the big five puzzle.

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