Day 49 the last long drive

Today was the last day of driving this trip.  We started out early again and had a nice drive north towards the Kenyan boarder. 

We even got a glimpse of the summit of Kilimanjaro through the clouds.

Just before the border we stopped for the last bus lunch. And as usual we gathered quite a crowd.

After eating we headed for the border. This one has to be the most time consuming so far. And again it was easier getting into Tanzania than out.
The real waiting started when we got to the Kenyan side.

If course we had to fill out an entry form, and a visum application.  Then to get the passports scanned and fingerprints take.  And then the lone officer in charge of the visa application had to sit down and write up all the visas and a recite for the payment.
A few hours later we were finally set.  On the border we also meet another Pink Caravan bus going south with people who has done a Christmas safari and were now heading for Ngorongo and Zanzibar.

Just a short while after the border we got to  squeeze by a tanker truck that had somehow managed to tip over in the middle of the road.

How the truck driver had managed to tip it over beats me. The road there wasn’t particularly bad in any way.

The rest of the trip toward Nairobi went smooth, we were stopped a few times by the police who seem to be curious more than anything else.

Since the border took so long we did another bush stop to cook dinner before it got dark.

We finally got to our camp at nine and got to squeeze the buses into the tight courtyard.

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