Day 43 leaving Zanzibar

Today we left Zanzibar and headed into Tanzania.  We got two days of driving to Karatu.

We left Nungwi at seven to catch the ferry at nine thirty.  There was rain in the air as we left the docks but it stopped and the trip to the mainland was fast and smooth.

Back in Dar Es Salaam we had to wait for the buses and then we set out.  Our first stop was to be a shopping centre on the outskirt of town where we were to get lunch and food for the next couple of days.

With traffic in Dar being a hopeless mess it took us almost two hours to get to that place and another two to get to the city limit. What a mess.

Just after dark we had dinner on the side of the road and then drove on in the darkness  until eleven thirty.

Tomorrow is Christmas and another long day on the bus.

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