Day 40 – 42 Three days in Nungwi

It has been three great days relaxing in Nungwi at the northern tip of Zanzibar.

We stayed in the same resort that I stayed at the last time I visited but a lot had changed.  A new restaurant has been built, a large pool and two new blocks with rooms.

The rooms we had were the old once I staid in earlier. Nice and tidy but without air conditioning.

I was in a group of five who went directly from Stone Town to Nungwi. The rest came later after doing a spice tour on the way.

The first whole day in Nungwi was spent by the pool, in the pool and in the sea. A great way to spend the day.  In the evening all of us went for drinks and dinner. As expected it turned into a long wait.

Eating as a group in Africa is never a good idea unless you have a lot of time and patience.  What was going to be a Hawaian party ended up just being the dinner and a few drinks for most of us.

On the second day I went snorkelling with a group of people. Some snorkelers and some divers. We travelled for about 90 minutes on a dhow around to the eastern side of the island.  There is a small island there with a reef with some nice views.

We got to see a lot of fish, some octopuses and I also got to see a sea turtle.  On the way back we were lucky enough to spot a few dolphins.

The rest of ever afternoon was spent relaxing  eating great food and getting ready to move on.

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