Day 39 – 40 Travelling to Bariloche

Day 39 – All day driving toward Bariloche

After three nights in a nice hostel it’s time to get back on the bus.
We got a long drive again today, heading for Bariloche.

I think quite a few of us had a hard time sleeping properly tonight, because it didn’t take long before we were travelling in silence.

We are now travelling north on route 40. Most of the way it’s straight asphalt roads, but from time to time we get on to dusty gravel roads. Luckily it hasn’t rained today so the roads are mostly dry. Otherwise some parts would probably be deep mud pits.

We had a nice lunch and a great dinner by the side of the road. Credits to Hanna for finding the food for these meals. Getting food for one in the “super markets” of El Chalten was challenging, getting for fourteen must have been hell.

We pushed on until midnight when we set up camp in a small town, jut behind a petrol station. Tomorrow we’ll have breakfast at seven thirty and then keep rolling the last miles to Bariloche.

Day 40 – Into Bariloche

Got up at seven fifteen today after a good nights sleep on the roof.
Pulled most of the roof, had breakfast and then finished the roof before pushing on. We ended the drive last night on some rather dusty roads, and we continued on them this morning.
The dust seem to be everywhere this morning, leaving us with grey air in the bus until we got of the dust and back on to the tarmac.

A quick airing of the bus got rid of most of the dust in the air, but all the seats, mattresses and clothes seem to be saturated.

We got to Bariloche around six in the afternoon. We are staying at the Yeti camp site, about five km from the centre of Bariloche. I guess the tourist season is getting to and end since we are almost the only once here, and the only staff that seem to be working is the owner of the place him self.

After a nice hot shower to get rid of the dust we headed onto town for a dinner together. Tonight Bosse our driver is leaving us, he’s going to South Africa tomorrow to lead and drive the Pink Caravan South East Africa trip. Per will be our only driver for the rest of this trip.

Dinner tonight was very good. We had table reservations at La Fonda del Tio. A place that you really should visit if you go to Bariloche. The food was excellent, plentiful and cheap. And it seem most who visited were locals. When we came there were not a lot of people in there, but it filled up rapidly and when we left there was quite the queue outside of people waiting to eat.

So be early or book ahead.

When we were finished eating we went back to the bus and to sleep.

Today was very nice, we feel the heat coming back as we are pushing further north.

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