Day 36 – 38 El Chalten

Day 36 – Leaving for El Chalten

We are one the move again, not very far this time either but a bit further north to El Chalten and the northern part of the national park. There we will have two days where we can go hiking in the mountains. Not much else to do there so i guess hiking it is.

On the way there we pass through the are where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid “settled” down in South America.

We got to El Chalten early and the most eager hikers went to do some of the short walks around the town.

My self and some others went to the grocery store to get something for dinner. Much easier said than done. Not a lot of options here, but in the end we settled for chicken nuggets, rice and some curry sauce.

Later we ended up at the Beer and Burger place just up the road for happy hour beer in the sun. When we arrived in El Chalten it was blowing and with rain in the air, but later it cleared and we could sit outside in the sun enjoying a few pints before dinner.

After our diner we played a bit of cards before turning in. 

Early breakfast tomorrow for those that want to do the longer hikes.

Day 37 – Hiking to Laguna Torre

Got up just before seven like everyone else and felt like shit. Got some breakfast and saw the early hikers go off. Then me and Hanna decided to go for it and do the walk to Laguna Torre.

And I’m very glad we did. The walk is about 9 km one way and a very nice walk. It starts out going uphill for a while and then it levels off and you walk easily toward the hills. We got a great view of mount Fitz Roy on the way and some amazing views of the other peaks when we got to the lake.

Back in town I had a very good shower and when some of the others came back we went out to eat.

We were planning to go to the burger place that we visited last night, but it was packed inside when we go there and the weather wasn’t nice enough to sit outside. We found another burger place where we had food.

My burger was ok, but Amanda got a burger with hair in it, not the most pleasant. However her food was replaced and properly to I guess since it took a while for her to get the food.

When we got back to the hostel we played a round of pool and cards before going to bed.

Day 38 – Last day in El Chalten

It’s our last day here and I don’t have a lot of plans. I slept late and woke up to another nice morning. Since I couldn’t be bothered getting food for breakfast I went off to Mathilda Cafe for some breakfast. Later some of the others appeared there as well.

After finishing my breakfast I decided to go walking for a bit again. This time a flat trail going to the Chorillo del Salto waterfall. A four km walk from our hostel. It’s a very nice walk if you remember to walk the trails instead of the road.

I spent about an hour by the waterfall taking some photos and relaxing in the sun. Then two bus loads of tourists came and I decided to head back. On the way back clouds rolled inn and just as I got into town it started raining. Pretty good timing.

Later it cleared up again and we ended up outside Beer and Burger again for happy hour. Drinking beer and playing cards in the warm afternoon sun. When the sun went behind the hills we wandered back to our hostel.

Later me and Hanna actually went back to the same place to get food before turning in. We ended up at the table with a French girl and a Dutch man who were travelling south. Sometimes it’s great to talk to other travellers that are not part of our group.

Tomorrow it’s up early again for a rather long drive to Bariloche. This might be our last bush camp drive for the trip if everything works out right.


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